Call me onion

She was delicate and plain, nothing about her appearance would make you want to take a second look. Her theories were quite the opposite, though. She had strong, outrageous and bizarre theories. She carried them like statement jewellery.  One of them was that she admired onions for being self-reliant to the highest degree. Although, whilst cutting onions, she would always wear proper wintery gloves.

At times she would voice envy towards the pot plant standing in the corner. In fact, it was the only pot plant I ever managed to keep for a while. Well, it is dead now. It is dead. I suppose this is what happens to entirely self-reliant entities, they whither and die. The hubs and I discussed the interdependence between individuality and the collective just yesterday. Can they co-exist or are they by definition at odds with one another?

The church speaks of itself as having many members, yet being all part of one body. This poetic depiction may not offer up much of insight to some, yet it captures perfectly an aspect of reality that is mostly overlooked in our times of individualistic living.  You and I can never be self-made, as we are by necessity a product of our preceding gene material and our surrounding.

Your brain would be incapable to have formed without an environment giving it impulses. And, without parental genetic material, well, fat chance there would be any brain ready to receive any environmental input at all. Yes, you can be a tube baby, yet this applies to you. Of course the same applies to your clone. Your original source genes must have come from somewhere for you to make a clone off.

Of course various issues arise with receiving of unwanted genetic material. You perceive yourself as you, yet you have never put in a clam anywhere asking to be a certain height or being born at a certain place. Yet you perceive yourself as you, and not just as a bundle of reacting physical matter. The question of individualism vs the collective is one of essentially the freedom of the will, something that will forever be impossible to answer.

So, back to my room mate onion. Her desires may not be all her desires after all. Surely some experiences marked her to be shy of human contact and reliance? Sorry, onion, solipsism collapses and simply can not hold. The hubz by the way was in favour of the collective, yet, this is not in accordance of an idea of love which claims that your concerns concern the other. In a truly collective world there would simply be no room for love. No, that would leave me full of tears, as though I was living with an onion.



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