Madness today

Madness today


This little ones name may very well be Charlie, but for credits sake I will mention another name, namely Mulberry from whence this photo is taken. Madness unfortunately has a propensity to travel far and fast these days. I want to use those channels to have sanity journey along the same path. Hence a cute little Whippet brought to you from a snowy forest in Masuria where the hubs and I are chilling in front of the fire place, something only interspersed with bouts of horseback riding. The terror comes to us via high speed internet still. May very well be a symptom of long brewing societal issues in our jolie neighbours place. Arabs after all are at times somewhat second class citizens there. No apology for terror ever will pass my lips, but neither will a simple joining of the choir be my desire. Je suis desole mon cher!



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