by theodotdoron

“You drink coffee, I drink tea, my Dear.” This most beautiful song can be rewritten by us, the hubz and I.

It would go something like this:

“You love cheese, I despise it, my Dear. You detest tartar sauce, I indulge in it, my Dear. You take your coffee milky, mine is black, my Dear. Dry cake is delectable to me, your choice is juicy, my Dear. I eat pork, you eat beef, my Dear. Cats for me, dogs for you, my Dear. Goulash for me, stews for you, my Dear.”

This song would have roughly twelve such stanzas, for everything the hubz finds appealing I not only have a neutral position to, but I actually oppose it strongly, too. Even now, almost two years into our marriage, we still find things that fall into this category almost daily.

There is a scene in the big bang theory in which Amy and Sheldon try to pick a Halloween costume for both of them. There is a circle containing those Sheldon likes, and one that Amy likes. Both circles contain several names, yet the intersecting set, where both circles overlap, is empty.

We watched it before Halloween and had just tried to find a costume for Halloween we both liked. Obviously, watching this show was too hilarious at that moment in time. Obviously, we agree on one important factor, our belief in God. I guess, the rest is just detail.



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