Until death do us part

Yes, the most outrageous claim found in the Bible is that of a resurrection. Something awaiting us after death, as death is merely a door into another place. We are not to come back to finish a task here or to pay off our sins as is the case in some re-birth ideologies. Instead, it is a done deal, once you are dead, that’s that.

Neither camp has strong points speaking in favor of their position. Those claiming that there really is nothing after death have not yet been reporting anything in that favor. Their main point is that there is absence of evidence FOR there being something after death, so they take it as evidence for their thesis of there being NOTHING after death.

Those who claim there to be something after death have no evidence either. There is only theoretical knowledge about it in written form. The Bible makes this claim over and over and backs it up with various historical events, yet I can fully understand how someone would find that to be hardest to swallow. Love thy neighbour? Makes sense. Be resurrected?!

I am one who comes to view this to be the one claim the Bible seeks to support over and over again, throughout its entirety. It’s whole theme runs as follows: “This is not it, there is much more to come”. If that is a true claim, it would be immensely necessary to gather as much information as possible in regards to that fact.

A book consisting of several books written over a time span of a few millenniums seems to be a good way to back up such a grand thesis. I find ample evidence surrounding me and in written form to speak of the existence of the supernatural next to the natural. How these two are interlinked is still not quite clear to me, but I have a whole life time to try and find out.

So, this life is a waiting room. No, we are not to sit around idly and do nothing, yet, it is the room from whence we are called forward into the presence of the King. I am waiting for the Creator of the Universe, for that moment when we are face to face. I may sound mad to some, yet, what awaits you once you are no more in bodily form, and, are you absolutely certain of it?


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