Unicorns can fly

Waiting patiently for the miraculous to happen is my greatest weakness. Yes, I am waiting and waiting for that flying pig, for the cow that, when sheared, gives wool, and can also lay eggs. I wait for the impossible to arrive. Until then I spend my time with disappointments and escapism techniques, since cockroaches are simply a far cry from Unicorns.

So, that phone call. It would inform me that really, gosh, all those day dreams, they were not wasted time. Instead, Darling,

“I should have told you months ago, all these things will be a reality. Starting today, you can finally get on with things instead of just waiting for them to happen. Yes, being a unicorn coach is now within an arms length. Actually, even closer. Look outside. See that trailer? Yes, the Unicorn is white and called Traumtaenzer! Enjoy the possibilities!”

I won’t mind the cold when I step outside, I will not notice my aching back or the constantly swollen legs or the fact that I do not need a mobile since no one ever calls me. No, I am finally useful instead of just, well… Oh, look! My! Gosh, what a beautiful Unicorn!


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